Contextual Advertising Network


Precisely Ads

New Star Media adapts top contextual technology which has proven to increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns by 40%. You will be able to reach your target audiences precisely.

Quality Traffic

New Star Media only acquires the best inventory available for most verticals. Our 150K+ publisher network serve over 3 billion impressions monthly.

Real-Time Report

You can monitor your campaign performance in real time with our customized report that allows you to respond to any changes and optimize for better result.

Maximum Coverage

New Star Media puts your ads on anywhere your target audiences will be with a wide selection of ad formats. No matter what devices and browsers they are using, we get you covered.

Contextual Targeting

Target to specific keywords and channels for your campaigns

Premium Inventory

Variety of creative ad formats including text/graphical banner (CPC/CPM), pop under ads (CPV) and interstitial ads (CPI)

Campaign Optimization

Refine process to optimize your campaigns and increase ROI

10+ Years Experience

Offers account team support for advertisers with a qualifying budget

Contact Us

Feel free to leave us your name, phone, email, and message and we'll get back to you ASAP. Our support is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (EST).

Thank You Very Much!
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What our awesome clients say
great words from great people

Friendly and reliable customer service, high quality traffic, a great user friendly interface, what more is there to say! New Star Media constantly and continually delivers us excellent results.

via Peter Sewell, Web Marketing Manager

New Star Media has allowed us to bring in customers we were not reaching before. The quality of the traffic is great and the flexible interface is the best that I have seen. We can choose what countries we are in and limit unique IPs in a set time frame. Their support is quick and helpful.

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